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wooden disposable cutlery forming machine.
SAE(starautoequipment) is a manufacturer specializing in wooden disposable tableware processing equipment, focusing on R&D and production of disposable wooden tableware processing equipment. SAE provides buyers and traders with full-process production equipment for disposable wooden tableware.SAE has 2 R&D engineers, 8 technicians, and more than 40 sets of various equipment. Professional personnel and equipment ensure SAE's R&D, production and processing capabilities. Now SAE has established cooperative relations with more than 20 disposable wooden tableware manufacturers.

SAE has a variety of products for customers to choose from, and can help customers build a wooden disposable tableware processing plant from scratch. These equipments can be purchased together, or they can be purchased according to the process requirements. SAE's equipment engineers will provide customers with the most reasonable procurement plan and assist customers in completing equipment selection.

As a manufacturer of disposable wooden tableware processing equipment. SAE has produced full-process tableware production equipment so far. SAE's specialty is to provide the best solution for each customer's needs.SAE's professionalism has been recognised by most of China's disposable wooden cutlery manufacturers and has now established a cooperative relationship with 70% of China's wooden cutlery manufacturers.